Trick Your Friends Fake WanaCry, Windows Update, Fake BSOD Prank

Trick Your Friends with this Fake Windows Update & BSOD Prank

Want to play a prank on your friends without completely sabotaging their PC ? I Will list below some cool pranks you can play on your friends and co-workers. Simply go to one of the following websites and enter browsing window in to full screen mode. You can also trick you friends on OSX using fake OSX update page or even funnier to see their reaction to fake WanaCry ransomware have fun with these cool fake page tricks. To put fake pages in full screen mode use F11 on keyboard.

Fake Windows 10 Update


Fake Windows 7 Update


Fake Windows Vista Update

Fake OSX Update


Fake Blue Screen of Death (BOSD)


Or go one better and tell them the Operating System has downgraded its self to Windows 98 lol.

Windows 98 Fake Update


Fake WanaCry Ransomware Screen


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