Encdroid – Android Software to Encrypt Cloud Storage Dropbox,Google Drive with EncFS


Encdroid was created by Mark Pariente. Encdroid was designed to encrypt Cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive with EncFS encryption.

Encdroid uses EncFS encryption so that volumes created with Encdroid can be accessed on systems running on other Operating Systems.

Encdroid also acts as a File Manager to easily manage, encrypt and decrypt volumes.

What is EncFS ? EncFS is a userspace stackable cryptographic file-system similar to eCryptfs, and aims to secure data with the minimum hassle.

EncFS encrypts individual files, by translating all requests for the virtual EncFS filesystem into the equivalent encrypted operations on the raw filesystem.

More about EncFS

EncFS can sometimes leak all sorts of metadata: times, sizes, name lengths, filesystem structure, update patterns and more. only use this software to keep your file contents safe from a passive observers. If you need something a bit more secure consider Encrypting your Cloud Storage with LUKS.

Downloading Encdroid

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