Meterpreter Payload Detection – Tool for detecting Meterpreter in memory like IPS-IDS and Forensics tool

Meterpreter_Payload_Detection.exe tool for detecting Meterpreter in memory like IPS-IDS and Forensics tool
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Install Notes

  • Download Meterpreter_Payload_Detection
  • Compile C#code or unzip release_v1.0.0.4
  • Run Meterpreter_Payload_Detection.exe
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C# code Author : Damon Mohammadbagher

Meterpreter Signature Authors : Rohan Vazarkar, David Bitner

Note : some API programming and Meterpreter Signature Created by these guys Rohan Vazarkar, David Bitner , not by me .

i just made console version of code by C# and develop this Code by some API Functions.

Please don’t ask me about Signature and Source code.

but i hope my application was useful for you all guys and i hope you all help me to make better versions for this code in future.

thank you all .

Note : IPS Mode required RunAs Administrators

if you getting error , use command with one argument

syntax : Meterpreter_Payload_Detection.exe IPS

syntax : Meterpreter_Payload_Detection.exe IDS

syntax : Meterpreter_Payload_Detection.exe Blobblob

Video Published by Damon Mohammadbagher (bbxc9x00x1f)

Video for Meterpreter_Payload_Detection.exe Tool

Video 1 :

Bypassing AVs with NativePayload_DNS and Meterpreter_Payload_Detection

Video 2 :

Video Description: Bypassing AVs with NativePayload_DNS.exe and Detecting Meterpreter Process by Meterpreter_Payload_Detection tool

step by step and for more information Please visit this link:

Detecting Meterpreter Undetectable Payloads by Scanning Memory

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