NSA’s Hacking Tools and Exploits revealed by Shadow Brokers Group

Hot topics now trending is the leak of thousands of documents from CIA’s vault 7 series of documents, these leaks are continuously exposing the USA government previous attempts of hacking systems all over the globe.

Apart from these, There was a group known as Shadow Brokers which was back then accused of stealing some of the NSA tools and Exploits.

A security Researcher Decrypted the files and on 8th of April released all the tools and exploits in the Github under the username of “x0rz”, he also confirmed that the archives include a zero-day exploit, The Equation Group’s Electric Slide Tool, A TOAST Framework which was used by NSA to clear the logs from UNIX wtmp events etc.

The Shadow Brokers say that tools and exploits are linked to the “Equation Group” – a Cyber Attack group liked to NSA.

The Shadow Brokers seems to be angry from president Trump’s presidency as they particularly dedicated their blog post in the President’s name.

The Shadow Brokers kept an auction for the tools in August 2016, asking for a price of 1 Million Bitcoins nearly equal to $568 Million. But the auction failed. Then the group kept the Hacking Tools and Exploits on sale in the month of January 2017, asking for 1-100($780-$78,000) bitcoins for each tool.

The Password for the Encrypted files is:


Yesterday they revealed the Password for those encrypted auction files in their blog post publicly.

The Blog Post

The Blog Post, titled “Don’t Forget Your Base” seems to be a letter to MR. President Donald Trump reminding of his duties, movements to be made and other political views expressed by the Shadow Brokers Group on Trump’s recent policies and events, like the Goldman Sach, the air strike against Syria and removal of Steve Bannon from the National Security Council, among others.

The Hacker groups and WikiLeaks have revealed several Tools and Exploits of the US govt. and very soon the Tools of other Govt. agencies can be expected.

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