‘Israeli’ Spy App Designed To Hack Smartphones says Google

Google and Lookout earlier this week discovered Android Application capable of spying on users by the means of the user’s camera and microphone. It is so powerful that it is no less than an android RAT as it can monitor the calls, messages, internet browsing and lot more.

Google considers it to be one of the most dangerous applications on the internet right now.

The spyware is called Chrysaor, both the companies say that the application is linked to Pegasus, Pegasus was a program that was made to target the iPhone users in 2016 and a rumor is that the application was created by the Israeli firm NSO Group Technologies.

The NSO group Technologies is also having a history in which it was accused of developing a Smartphone hacking software and selling them to spy agencies across the globe as they did with the Pegasus.

This app was not available in the Google PlayStore to download but was found in 36 devices most of which were used by Israelis.

The  infected devices were found in countries like Mexico, Turkey, Georgia, Kenya, and others.

“To install Chrysaor, we believe an attacker coaxed specifically targeted individuals to download the malicious software onto their device,” said Google.

Chrysaor is said to be so dangerous because of its anonymity as if the app finds that it is about to be detected, then it will remove itself. Referring this application as a Self-Destruct tool is no less.

Google says that the samples say that the application was used in back 2014 but they found the evidence during the research of the usage of the app till the last couple of months.

However, both the companies recommend users not to download applications from an unknown source and use only trusted sources for downloading applications.

There is less possibility of you getting affected by such spyware. But taking precautions is always better.