The First Human ChatBot to understand Emotions

Today Researchers have been finding a way to make Robots and Artificial intelligence part of our daily life. Artificial intelligent again is just like a Wikipedia talking to you without any emotions.

What if one can add emotions to them? Yes! A New-Zealand based startup called “Soul Machines”, have come up with an idea of a ChatBot Nadia who gives responses based on the emotion of the person in front of her.

Nadia is able to read the human emotions by observing the facial expression of the person. A ChatBot who can understand Human emotions isn’t it cool? Let’s have a look how it happens to be possible.

Nadia can observe facial expressions of users through webcams. And the creators, Soul Machines have termed it “emotional intelligence” or EI, as this chatbot can connect emotionally with users.

The responses of the ChatBot will be varying depending on the user’s emotion. The main reason for building this is to provide better services for disabled people, funded by the Australian government.

The idea behind this project was of Mark Sagar, a professor at the University of Auckland and CEO of Soul Machines. He has won academy awards for his work on facial motion capture techniques in Avatar and King Kong.

Users will be hearing Cate Blanchet‘s voice as Nadia’s voice.

Nadia helps users access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and find the information they need as well as improving their experience of the system.

Here is the making video of Nadia

There is no doubt that Nadia can be a good help for Disabled people. Soul Machines are working to make it more helpful.