Facebook Messenger Command line client

Use your Facebook account to chat with your friends sneakily in the command line, it’s as easy as logging in, choosing a convo and chatting away.



npm install -g fb-messenger-cli Then fb-messenger-cli from anywhere

Choose a friend


Chat away


Helpful options


  • Real time refreshing on new messages
  • Ability to search for your friends and initiate conversations
  • A header showing unread messages in recent convos
  • Easy switching between conversations
  • Support for group convos

Dev install instructions

  1. Run npm install for dependencies
  2. Run node cli
  3. Develop away

Running tests

  1. cd into the test directory
  2. Mocha should be installed with the dev dependencies
  3. Run mocha regression.js**

** Make sure you’ve logged in to the cli at least once before running the tests. Regression.js uses your log-in to test the sending and receiving features

HackingVision Notes: We installed on a 32 bi version of Kali Linux 2 install ran smoothly at first we had problems installing through npm due to sym links we fixed that by installing nodejs-legacy sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy really good tool highly recommended.

Download fb-messenger-cli

Credits Alex-Rose