Estimate Proximity Between Bluetooth Devices

Welcome back in this tutorial I will show you how to estimate the proximity between Bluetooth Devices.

Blueranger is a simple bash script designed by JP Dunning to estimate a distance between bluetooth devices by sending L2P Bluetooth pings. Most often Bluetooth devices allow a ping without any authentication.

Blueranger only estimates the distance between Bluetooth devices as various build quailty of Bluetooth devices varys.

Blueranger is included by default in Kali Linux if you don’t have Blueranger you can download it from the link below.

Lets get started open up a new terminal in any Linux Operating System use execute the bash script using the command below.


# <hcix> <bdaddr>

hcix is the bluetooth interface (for example: hci1).
bdaddr is the Remote Device Address address of our target Bluetooth device.

The higher the link quality determines the Bluetooth device is close a week link quality means the Bluetooth device is further away. With class 1 Bluetooth devices transmitting at 100mW, which have a standard range of approximately 100 meters or 328 feet, range is comparable to that of an 802.11b WLAN device.

class table

For example my Bluetooth interface is located under hci1 so I would use the following command.

# hci1 24:G9D0:53:4F:D8

root@kali:~# hci1 24:G9:D0:53:4F:D8

Starting …

Close with 2 X Crtl+C


By JP Dunning (.ronin)

Locating: ares (24:G9:D0:53:4F:D8)
Ping Count: 1

Proximity Change    Link Quality
—————-    ————
FOUND           255/255